Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Considering my options...

I haven't felt heavily invested in my blog for a while, have ya noticed? :)

Frankly, I feel like I am able to share a lot of info with everyone on Facebook all at once and I see you all and keep up with you all there. It's weird that this feel redundant in some way.

However, I am not tied to the idea of doing away with the blog, so therefore I am not deleting it just yet.

We'll let it remain in limbo for a while and see where we wind up. I'll try to listen to what the Holy Spirit prompts me to do.

Until then, you know where to find me!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What can I tell you?

I have been trying to think of something exciting to report but there's no one thing going on that's enough to sustain an entire post, but I can report a bunch of random things. This is really almost one of my odds and ends posts, I guess.

1. LC and DJ were given an opportunity to live in an apartment in a dorm at the private school LC coaches volleyball. Since LC's parents have just moved in with LC and DJ into the house they (the parents) bought, it's good timing. LC is going to be the equivalent of a dorm parent, I guess, and DJ gets to live there since he's her husband. I think it would be a bit odd for many of us at this age (single or married), but not for them. It's a really a great opportunity for them to save money and open the door to more possibilities for LC at this school in the future.

2. Caroline's 3rd son, Gavin Scott, was baptized on Sunday. Michelle is his godmother and Caroline's brother is his godfather. Six other babies were baptized along with Gavin, so it was quite a scene at the church. Caroline's parish offers the option of full immersion into the baptismal font and she did that with all her boys. Let me tell you, the babies who are fully immersed (instead of just having their heads sprinkled with holy water) get much louder applause and many more "oohs" and "ahhs." I think it's just because everyone loves hearing a naked little baby squeal in shock as his little bum hits the water.

3. Almost 2 months ago I started taking a new train to work that's only 3.5 miles from my house and every aspect of my entire life has changed for the better. That may sound extreme, but I assure you it's 100% true. I'd be hard pressed to try to express why this is the case in words, but please just believe me when I tell you it's true. It has a lot to do with the shortness of the car ride and getting off the train and literally already being "home."

4. I am a lousy American. I have not watched a single minute of the Olympics and nor do I want to. It does make me happy to see so many people so excited about it and that they are exhausted because they stay up late to see as much as they can. It's cute. I'm just not one of those people. I did watch the opening ceremonies but that's because I was with a big group of people and we got to eat Chinese food.

That's the latest here. There will be more excitement in Septmember. Omar comes the Friday before Labor day (just for lunch), Judy is coming for a weekend, Michelle and I may see Paula Deen in person, and Matt is taking me to a wedding!

Friday, August 08, 2008

I got sucked in...

The Catholic Young Adult group that I stay in touch with started a "group" on Facebook a couple of months ago, so I set up an account just so I could get all of their updates and stay current with what they are doing and see them when I can.

Then I got a message from a gal I went to elementary and middle school with asking me if I was me and we became "friends" (she moved away when we were in middle school or high school, but not too far away. She now lives in MA)

Then Stephanie found me and we became friends. Then I decided to see who else is on there and found T bird, and Judy, and people I see all the time and people I hardly ever see. I found LC's husband and her good friend from high school. I found an old co-worker named Janet I was close to.

There's a lot of people on there. I even found the great love of my 20s. I feel like too much time has passed between us to ask him to now be my "friend" again, but, it's nice to know he's out there...

So, anyone who knows me knows I hate too much of my life being on public display (why my blog has not many defining details of who I am nor too many readers!). I like that only my approved folks can see me and my stuff. I deleted by very old Friendster account (Omar had roped me into that a million years ago) and now I'm all Facebook!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

It "pays" to be honest...

I had a couple extra minutes this morning on my way into the office due to the combined forces of the office closing early today for the holiday and the trains and street being far less crowded than usual.

I decided to stop in the Starbucks near my office (1 of 2 within 6 blocks, mind you!) and get an iced coffee. The fellow who rang me up told me my total was $2.78. I gave him a $5 bill. I saw on the cash register that my change should be $2.22.

The fellow gave me back $2.78 from my $5 bill. It's a very honest mistake considering he had just said $2.78 out loud when he told me what I owed him. When he handed me the money I held onto the 2 dollar bills and gave him back the change and politely and quietly let him know I should have only gotten 22 cents instead of 78. I purposely kept it light and quiet since, as both an employee and a boss, I know that mistakes happen and this one was not a big deal and easy to correct. He handed me back a quarter and thanked me and told me not to worry about the 3 cents.

Then I moved down the counter away from the cash registers to the area where they give you your drink. A minute later another fellow said, "I have a Venti Vanilla iced coffee." I stepped up to receive my drink and he handed me a card along with my drink and said, "I want to thank you for your honesty--your next drink is on us."

When we are all willing to work together as a larger team, even in a small blip of an event like this, I continue to have hope.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Who cares?

People don’t really care about people anymore, or so it seems.

It makes me sad. Folks can say a lot of things about me, because I am far from perfect, believe me, but one thing that I am is a listener. More important than just listening is that I then remember what people say to me. They go hand in hand really, because if you are truly, actively listening to what another human being is saying to you, you will remember it when they cross your mind or you see them later.

Maybe it strikes me as a sad indicator of where our society is headed today because it’s one thing (maybe one of the very few things) that I do very well and it's something at which so many others are poor. Maybe I’m especially sensitive because several people (not just one, so don't assume this is "you") have “forgotten” me and what's important in my life several times very recently. I have had people make sure they remember to tell me blow by blow details of the smallest things in their lives that I have remembered to follow-up with them on and ask them about and genuinely care about it and meanwhile big events in my own life have been forgotten and/or never asked about.

I think it's a sign of how self absorbed we all are.

Now, OK, admittedly I am a single woman with no children, I have a solid job that I am blessed to enjoy, a safe home, and new car. I have two healthy parents who I have a good relationship with and like. I realize that I may be in a better position to “remember” what’s going on in the lives of others because I am blessed enough to not have a lot of hard times weighing on me at present, praise Jesus. One could argue he or she has too many other things weighing them down to remember me and my life and maybe I’m being self absorbed. And to that I might say OK, I hear you and understand (for a finite period of time, at least!). What about people in the same boat as me without a lot weighing them down that still can’t be bothered? What’s their excuse?

I’m not trying to be a cry baby here (although I know I sure sound like one!). I am trying to figure out in my mind how you make something like this improve on a large scale instead of just standing by and watching it become worse and worse. You know that I personally have no problem with telling people when they have disappointed me and I do so. But what about all of the other disappointed people who won’t speak up for whatever reason? What about the people who don’t take the time to care about others and invest in what’s important to them—will they ever be able to truly share their lives, their homes, their dreams with another person? Is man actually able to be “an island” after all?

Is selfishness another reason why relationships don’t work out today? Or has everyone always been self-absorbed and I’m just finally catching on?

I think it stinks. And I don’t like it. Despite the fact that I am disappointed by those closest to me in addition to everyone else I know from time to time, I will persevere, and I will not stop caring and listening and asking and following up. I won’t change that part of me.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The people we are supposed to know...

Last August, my college roommate got married. To the right you will see a picture from that very happy day. Don't they look beautiful? I hope she won't mind that I posted it here, but since she is one of only a few very loyal readers, she will see it very soon and let me know if it's not OK!
The intention of this post is to discuss marriage and being comfortable and to say how happy she is (not seems, but is) to be married to this man.
But, because I have seen a fair bit of it recently among people I know, I am also going to mention divorce. Don't worry, I'll keep it short because I don't want to be a buzz kill. This marriage was a second marriage for both Stephanie and Darren. I know they see each other as each other's partner and spouse and have gone to great lengths to be together. I am sure that despite the fact that the pain of divorce touched their lives in the past they have no intention of spending the rest of their lives having their marriage referred to as a "second" marriage, he is her "second" husband, etc. They are simply married--no number attached to it. And they are happy.
I think to myself about what I would do if I waited this long in my life to get married (as I am no young gal anymore) and my marriage didn't work out. I believe that's one reason why I am not married. I say I have no intention of getting divorced, so I will wait as long as I have to, or never get married, if that's they way it should be or as God intends. However, I can tell you that Stephanie never had any intention of getting divorced either. Who does? Stephanie fought for her marriage to work. The problem with that is that both people in the marriage have to be willing to do that and if one person isn't willing to fight and work, then what are you to do?
It's a tough spot--Obviously, I think about it a lot because from a Church perspective because we avoid divorce at all costs and then, if possible, seek an annulment to prove the sacrament of marriage never actually took place for whatever reason. Annulments don't get doled out easily though--it's quite an arduous process of paperwork and interviewing to obtain one. That's quite a lot to go through on top of the pain of a marriage ending.
OK, enough about divorce. Moving back to happiness and partnership...Come with me!
Do I believe every person has one soulmate we wind up with? No, I don't. I have never been that much of a romantic. What I believe isn't exactly unromantic though...I believe that we each have a small number of people, both men and women, who we are meant to know and be close to--intimate friends, confidants, and so on, and hopefully, you marry one of these people. So, I believe we have a handful of soulmates, not just one. Hey, it gives us better odds in the long run, so I don't think it's a bad way of thinking!
I believe that Stephanie is now married to one of those people for her and I only spent a couple of hours with him. I may not really know Darren, but I have known Stephanie for over 15 years though (and lived with her in a small space for 2 of those years!) and she was the most comfortable I have ever seen her. It was that simple. She was just comfortable. Think about what a true feeling of comfort feels like and looks like and makes you behave. It's calm and simple and fresh and true.
That's how Stephanie is being married to Darren. That's a feeling that I'd love to see last forever for her, and for anyone else who can work the odds in their favor and find one of the handful of people they are truly meant to know in this life.
May God bless Stephanie and Darren as they approach their first year anniversary, and all married couples who work hard every day to keep their unions strong.
May He also bless though who are going through the pain of losing someone they thought they would be with forever for one reason or another.
And may God also bless us who have yet to find the one with whom we will be our most "comfortable" and lead us one day into their outstretched arms.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Welcome the new arrival!

I am the proud "mother" of a Borrego Beige Metallic 2008 Honda Civic LX.

The new little one was driven home on Memorial Day and has been getting lots of attention from mommy and many passers by on the street ever since. Lots of shout outs on the street she gets!

I saw this color Civic parked in a Visitor's spot in my development and fell in love on sight. The color I wanted was never in question after I saw this. In person, it has much more personality than "gold," although that's the general color I say the car is. The color is only available in a couple of the models of Civics, so I won't see my twin everywhere either.

Omar wants me to name the car Paula, for Paula Deen, whom he loves. I laughed because she does love butter and the car is gold, but I don't know. Jarred is opposed to it because he thinks Paula Deen is annoying (for shame!)

I had an easier go of things when I got my other Civic in 2002 (oh yes, this is my 14th year of Honda Civic driving, my friends!). Caroline lost count and thought this might be the 4th Civic, but it's only the 3rd. (I just drive them for a lot of years each!)

In 2002, as I pulled out of the dealer's lot with my new Civic that day I bought it, I turned on the radio and a country station was on (I don't listen to much country music on the regular) and the song that was playing was "Fancy" by Reba McIntyre. Well, anyone who knew me in my karaoke days knows that that was my best song--and thus, the car was named Fancy. I actually used to like to say she named herself!

We'll see what we wind up naming this new little number--Maybe naming it "Deen" could be a compromise?